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The Player and Coach Gang Bang


Bree Bellucci


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Sucking The Soccer Players: The Player and Coach Gang Bang

Copyright © 2012 by Bree Bellucci

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places,

events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s

imagination and used fictitiously.

Adult Reading Material

The material in this document contains explicit sexual content that is intended for mature

audiences only and is inappropriate for readers under 18 years of age.

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The Player and Coach Gang Bang

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“Oh, Coach Colfax, it’s you.”

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“Yeah, it’s me, Danny,” Bill Colfax, said, stating the obvious. “Sorry to bug you at this

time of the night, but I realized I didn’t have my playbook for tomorrow. Did I catch you at a bad

time?” He looked pointedly down at Danny now, whose slender body appeared completely

naked except for the white terrycloth towel wrapped around his slim waist.

“Looks like you were planning on a shower?”

“Oh, shit!” Danny Miller exclaimed. He was a young man, mid-twenties, with overly long,

brown hair, or so Bill Colfax felt. Other than that, he was clean-shaven and presentable enough

as his assistant coach at Brennan Community College. That is, when he was fully dressed.

“I’m sorry, Bill,” Danny said. “I meant to give that back to you after I’d studied it today.

Then Jim Prentiss tore his ligament, and all hell seemed to break loose, what with the ambulance

and all. By the way, are you aware you’re all wet?”

Bill glanced behind him at the downpour. The rain was coming down in buckets just

beyond the narrow roofline now protecting him, although water was still splashing onto his shoes

and the lower part of his trousers.

He turned back to Danny. “Yeah,” he agreed. “It seems to be raining.”

“Oh. Oh! You’d better come in then.” Danny backed up to let his coach inside the


Bill Colfax stepped over the threshold.

Here was an awkward moment for them, Danny felt. Bill had never seen him so undressed

before, which was odd when he thought about it, because they both used the private showers

adjoining their offices often enough. It just hadn’t happened. Now that it had, Danny felt Bill

wasn’t sure quite how to handle it. Danny understood. After all, this wasn’t taking place in the

neutrality of a college locker room.

“You should dry off,” Danny said, as he critically surveyed the coach. Bill’s black hair, just

turning gray at the temples, was so wet it lay plastered against his skull. His clothes looked

soaked, even his sock and shoes were sodden.

“You’re probably wondering why I came out in weather like this?”

Danny nodded. “The thought had crossed my mind. I’d have brought the playbook in with

me tomorrow.”

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“Well, I was sick of being at home alone. You probably don’t know it, but ever since Jenny

left me last winter, I’ve been sort of lost without her, lonely in that big house. So I thought I’d go

for a drive.”

Danny regarded his soaked coach critically. “Were you driving with your windows all the

way down? How in the hell did you get that wet?”

“I was walking in the park for a bit when it started to pour on me.”

“The park?” Danny was surprised. “You know how dangerous that place is after sunset.

What the heck did you go there for?”

Bill Colfax shrugged broad shoulders. “Just something to do.”

Danny studied his boss. The man was handsome for his age, no doubt. Tall, good build,

trim, and he had a face that belonged on some actor playing a doctor on a soap opera. But Danny

had always thought him totally straight. And nobody that straight walked in the downtown park

after dark, not unless they wanted a quick, uncomplicated blowjob.

Still, how was he to get rid of the man? He liked Bill, but just now, he had other fish to fry,

two of them, in fact. He unconsciously glanced in the direction of the bedroom. The door was

still closed. Good thing. He hesitated. Danny couldn’t just send the fellow back out into the rain

this wet. He really did like Bill too much to do something that pathetic to him, no matter how

much he desired his privacy just now. Any other time, he’d have been more than glad to have the

coach over.

Deciding, he said,” Look, come on in and take a seat. I’ll get you some towels and a scotch.

Those will both do wonders for your disposition. You’ll see.”

“You don’t mind?” Bill gave him that penetrating look again; those depthless blue eyes

seemed to pierce Danny’s very being. He wondered how Jenny had ever managed to lie about

her affair to him for so long, with that soul-piercing look of his always turned on her.

“No,” Danny said, when he realized with a jolt he hadn’t answered the coach yet. “No

problem. Let me get you that scotch, and then I’ll go and get you some towels. Make yourself at


Bill moved further into the room, but stared disconsolately at the new sofa. “I’m all wet. I

can’t sit on that.”

“Not a problem, just take that stuff off. I’ll toss it in the dryer. It’ll be done in no time. You

can do like me and just wear a towel.”

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Bill seemed to consider this a moment. Then he nodded. “Fair’s fair,” he said in an amiable

enough tone of voice. “At least it puts us on an even footing. A man with no clothes facing one

wearing them is always at a disadvantage. Makes them feel vulnerable.”

“There you go,” Danny agreed. He went to the kitchen and poured two tall glasses of

scotch, neat. He set these on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Bill had stripped down to his

boxer briefs and socks. Also wet clear through, the white underwear did little to hide the coach’s

generous endowment. The outline of his dick and balls was clearly visible through the

translucent fabric.

“I’ll go get those towels,” Danny told his boss, while averting his gaze. He was afraid he’d

looked too long at his coach’s package already. Bill just nodded his thanks, and then reached for

his drink, raised it, and slugged back a good portion of it in one gulp. Then he just stood there,

holding the glass. He was standing spread-eagled, all his assets on marvelous display. Still trying

not to stare at Bill, but only partially succeeding, Danny slipped passed him. He noticed how

Bill’s ass looked so well formed, so tightly rounded. Wet boxer-briefs were a real turn-on, Danny

decided, as he opened the bedroom door and entered.

He took a few steps and then heard a noise. He turned. Bill was standing right behind him.

“Just thought I better dry off in the bathroom,” he said. “I’ll make less of a mess for you

that way.” Then, he glanced about the room for the first time, seemingly curious. He looked

toward Danny’s king-size bed.

“What the hell?” Bill’s mouth hung open after he said this. He stared.

Danny, knowing the balloon had gone up, followed his gaze. There, lying on the bed was

two of their soccer players from the college. They wore only their white jock straps and white

socks. Both boys had the typical soccer player build, almost svelte, little body hair, and with

strongly muscled but slim thighs and calves. Thin of waist, their crotches showed suggestively

under the jockstraps.

“Uh…you know Michael and Greg, of course,” Danny said knowing he must sound

incredibly lame.

His mouth still hanging open, Bill just nodded. Finally, in a scratchy sounding voice, he

said, “Yeah, but what are they doing here, dressed like that? Or rather, undressed like that?” Now

he turned to face Danny. “Just what’s going on here?”

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Danny raised both hands in a disarming gesture. “Nothing illegal,” he said, “I assure you.

They’re both of age. I was just about to record a movie of them. See the camera? He waved

toward the digital camera sitting on the tripod in the corner of the room, the lens aimed directly

at the bed and the two young men lying on it.

“A movie?”

“Well, a porn movie, if you must know. I’ve never tried it, and they wanted to give it a shot.

I…I was going to be in it, too, just set the camera on automatic.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. This could ruin your career. You’re a coach for God’s sakes.”

Danny shook his head, knowing he must look stubborn. “I’m an assistant coach,” he said,

stressing the fact. “In other words, a glorified towel boy, and with about the same miserable pay.

So it’s no big loss. We all figured we could make some good money doing this.”

“Good money? Really? Just how good?”

Danny shrugged slim shoulders. “Damned good. Thousands, if we can make a decent

movie. Amateur stuff is hot right now. How good this one will be, remains to be seen, because

without a cameraman there won’t be more than the one angle, although I can zoom in and out

with the remote. Truth is, though, we could really use a camera operator.”

“A cameraman?” Bill looked definitely interested now. “Would he get a share of the


Danny glanced at the two young men lying on his red-velvet bedspread. They hadn’t said a

word, apparently too stunned by their coach walking in on them. Now Danny looked back at

Coach Colfax.

“Yeah, an equal share of the proceeds,” he said, reaching his decision. “You interested? I

know it would be difficult to watch your players and your assistant coach fucking each other, but

the money should be damned good.”

“You fucking bet your ass, I’m interested! Coaches at community colleges don’t do much

better than their assistants, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.”

“So you’re okay with the Gay sex and all?”

Coach Colfax shrugged and then gave a little grin, before saying, “Money will make it

easier to take, I’m sure. And it isn’t like I’m not used to seeing naked men. Every day I see that

in the locker room.”

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“True,” admitted Danny, “but this goes way beyond that. One thing, though,” he added.

“You can’t wear any clothes, not even a towel.”

“Why not? I’m just operating the camera.”

“Yeah, and having anyone dressed is intimidating when you’re naked and trying to pop a

chub. You said it yourself. Naked men feel vulnerable in front of men with clothes on. So you’ll

have to strip. Besides, you’re not just any other man. You’re their coach, so that makes it even

more daunting. No clothes, deal?”

“Deal,” the coach said, without a bit of hesitation. “But I still could use a towel to dry off

first, if you wouldn’t’ mind.”

“Coming right up.” Now Danny turned his attention to the two youths on his bed. “You

two,” he ordered them, “Start working on getting boners again. Rub the front of each other’s

jocks. I want to see some major bulges there. And as you just heard, Coach here is going to be

our cameraman. We’re cutting him in on the action. Any questions?”

Neither college youth said anything, but they nodded. They did stare at Coach Colfax

standing there in his wet and revealing underwear, but as to what they were really thinking,

Danny didn’t have a clue.

Minutes later, after Bill had dried off, and Danny had given him brief instruction on how to

use the highly automated camera, he left Bill to handle the device on his own. Dropping his

towel, now bare-assed, he joined the two on the bed, clambering across the spread until he was

up between them.

“Just be natural,” he told them. “Do whatever you feel like doing.”

The two had roaring hard-ons now, their puds sticking up in their jock pouches like

flagpoles in a tent waiting to be unveiled. They were lying on their backs, but with their

shoulders and heads propped up by pillows against the headboard.

Danny began the action. He reached down and rubbed each of the youth’s crotches, pushing

and kneading their packages as if they held fresh bread dough instead of cocks and balls. As he

did this, he glanced up at Coach Colfax handling the camera. The man was naked now, and this

was the first time Danny had seen his junk displayed. It was a good opportunity to view it,

because Bill seemed engrossed in working the camera.

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The coach had a set of low-hangers, and a lanky, uncircumcised cock. His pubic hair was

black but flecked with just a few gray hairs. A narrow treasure trail climbed from his pubes, up

across his flat belly, to fan out over his chest.

Overall, Danny decided Bill was one hell of a good-looking man, especially for his age. He

had a good build, no doubt about that, and his manhood and nuts were a truly impressive sight.

Danny wouldn’t mind having a go at those.

Even as he thought this, he felt his cock twitch and grow, and in seconds, he was sporting

some real wood. Michael and Greg leaned over him, both fondling his gonads. Greg played with

his nuts, as if trying to chase them around in their sack, while Michael encircled the shaft of his

meat stick and began gently to pull on it.

Danny lay back and closed his eyes for a minute, relaxing, enjoying the feel of a young

man’s hand on his cock, pulling on his prick. He had to admit, it beat having to do it himself.

Then he felt a mouth descend on his manhood, engulf the knob in its hot interior. Slurping

noises followed. Seconds later, a second mouth was working his balls, lathering them up, tickling

them with an insistent and probing tip of tongue.

Danny opened his eyes. He still had his hands on the boys’ swollen crotches.

“Take those things off,” he ordered them. “Let’s let the folks at home get a good close-up

look at your cocks, okay?”

They paused in their slobbering ministrations of his genitals just long enough to pull their

jocks down over their hips, thighs, and then off their feet. They tossed the jockstraps onto the


“Bill,” Danny said. “You want to zoom on these guys’ junk?”

Bill nodded, and pressed a button on the camera. Danny heard the whirring sound as the

lens refocused. He noticed something. Bill was getting the first signs of an erection. His dick

was now starting to rise, and the foreskin was pulling back just enough to show the tip of the

knob sticking out. This made Danny even hornier.

“Time for some real action,” he said. “Let’s get kinky,” he added as he leaned over Greg’s

bobbing head. The boy was now sucking his prick again. Danny stretched, reached for some

hand lotion on the nightstand.

“Lube those sweet cranks up, boys,” he commanded, because I want both you up my ass at

one time.

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Greg and Michael seemed to need no encouragement. Both slathered on copious amounts of

the clear hand lotion, rubbing it all over their hard shafts.

“Ready with the camera, Bill?” Danny asked. “I want a good close-up of them sticking their

dicks in my butt.

Bill nodded and again, Danny noticed the coach’s cock was even harder now, sticking

straight out at him, the foreskin pulled all the way back, and that enormous head with its piss

hole seeming to stare right at him. Bill was getting turned on. This was getting interesting.

Excited now, Danny said to Greg,” You first, dude. Lie down flat on your back and I’m

going to sit right down on that fat sausage of yours.”

Greg immediately did as commanded. He lay down, spread his legs as far as he could, and

waited there. His dick stuck straight up, his beautiful shaved balls hanging between his legs,

resting like the family jewels on the red velvet bedspread.

Danny positioned himself over the tip of Greg’s manhood so that he was facing the camera.

His ass pucker directly above the cock, he lowered himself slowly down onto it. He grunted, as

the head of it banged against his asshole, grimaced a little, but he didn’t pause. He continued

down. Danny wanted the whole scene to look smooth and continuous for the recording.

A moment of searing pain, as if his butthole had a lit flame held to it, and then the head of

Greg’s beautiful piece of meat was inside him. With a delicious sigh of relief, Danny slid his ass

all the way down that greased pole, clear down to the balls. He rested there a moment, to absorb

the shaft now stabbing up into his gut, to allow the last of the pain to fade to a tolerable level.

“Now you, Michael,” he told the other soccer player. He’d been kneeling next to them,

watching the whole drama play out, and jerking his male member the whole time, so that it was

ramrod hard.

Without waiting to be encouraged, He positioned himself between Greg’s legs, and a bit

awkwardly grabbed hold of Danny’s feet, raising them.

“Not too high,” Danny warned him. “You’ll pull my ass off Greg’s cock.”

Michael nodded. He situated himself so his cock was right at the spot where Danny’s

asshole wrapped itself so tightly around Greg’s enlarged manhood. Michael leaned forward into

the confined space made by their flesh, pushed the sitting Danny backward until he lay with his

back on top of Greg’s stomach.

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“That’s good,” Bill said, from somewhere, presumably behind the camera, for Danny

couldn’t see him now, not lying flat like this, and with Michael in the way. “I’ve a clear shot as

he goes in. Can you really handle two, Danny?”

“We’re about to find out,” he called to him.

Michael, seemed to half crawl on top of Danny, as he fiddled down below, tried to get his

prick into Danny’s ass. Danny felt fingers inside him, pushing in alongside Greg’s thick cock,

which was already distending Danny’s asshole to what he felt sure was very near his limits.

As Michael did this, he heard and felt Greg let out a grunt below him. Immediately, the

youth started to raise his hips, started fucking Danny’s ass.

“Not yet,” Danny warned him. “You’ll have to wait until Michael gets his big sausage

inside of me first.

At that moment, that’s exactly what happened. The fingers withdrew, and Danny felt what

must be the fleshy knob of Michael’s crank start to slip in, slowly make headway. God, but it felt

great. Danny had prepared for this some by himself, using two small dildos at one time, but this

was his first experience with the real thing.

“Unh,” he grunted. “Jeez, Michael, take it easy,” he added, as the blond-haired youth

started seriously to push his prick into him. “Slowly, boy, slowly.”

But Michael seemed not to be listening. He was leaning even further over Danny now, his

head hanging above his. His face was flushed, eyes glassy with a primitive lust, lips full and


“I’m going to fuck you, Coach,” the youth told him. “I’m going to fuck you until I get my

nut off inside you.”

“Fuck me, then.” Danny whispered. “Fuck me, the both of you. Come on, dude, stuff that

big piece of yours up my insides.”

Saying that might have been a mistake, for Michael did just that. In one swift, almost

vicious move, he shoved hard as he could, and his manhood drove deep into Danny’s rectum.

Now Danny could feel the press of both heads banging against the walls of his intestine, felt the

hard shafts distending his hole until the pain was palpable, and the agony almost beyond


“Damn, dudes!” he groaned. “I don’t know if I can handle you two together.”

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“Too late,” came Greg’s voice from below him. “Just lie there and shut up, Coach, because

you are about to get the fucking of your life.” With that, Greg began raising and lowering his

hips. Danny, obeying his soccer player, tried to move his hips up and down as best he could to

help him out. Michael lay straddled over him, and he was now groaning with the effort to fuck

that stretched hole.

“Dude,” he said, and at first, Danny mistakenly thought he was talking to him, but his next

words corrected this error. “I can feel your rod rubbing against mine. Your cockhead is right up

alongside mine. Feels damned good, bro.”

Greg just grunted by way of reply.

Now the two were fucking Danny in earnest. “Are you getting all this,” he called to Bill.

“You betcha!” he heard his coach say. “Damn, Danny. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Then he chuckled.

“I’ve got two in me, to be exact,” Danny told him, and then he, too, gave a little chuckle,

one that quickly turned into a painful groan as Michael made a particularly deep thrust up his


“I’m fucking you, Coach,” he whispered. “I’m reaming your hole good for you.”

“That you are, dude,” Danny said. “Fuck me, man. Fuck me hard. Come on, you two. I

want you both to rip me a new one, so fuck me. Rape that hole. Screw my ass. I want to feel you

two cum together, spray your loads way up me, and then have it drip out of my ass for the


They fucked him harder now. Once, Michael pulled back so far his meat stick slid all the

way out, but like the horny fucker he was, it was only seconds before he had it back in again.

Both youths reamed away at Danny. He felt there lean hard bodies straining, all their muscles,

stomach, chest, arms, and legs, flexing as they fucked him in the ass.

Now Danny wrapped his arms around Michael. He gripped his firm buttocks, as the college

kid skewered his hole. It felt good to have that tight ass on top of him, that cock plowing his shit

hole without restraint.

Danny was so damned horny now. The constant rubbing of Michael’s tense stomach against

his own hard-on, squashing it against his belly, was tantalizing, stimulating, but not quite enough

to get him off. How he wanted to be able to reach down and jerk his meat, but there was simply

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no room. He was sandwiched between the two, one on top, and one on bottom, trapped between

two sweating, hard-muscled males. Danny loved it.

“Fuck me,” he urged them. “Cum in me together. Shoot your loads up my ass. Fill my gut

with your sperm.”

Greg started bucking up into his ass now, reaming his hole like a madman. The thrust of his

hips off the bed shoved Danny upwards, and Michael, with a perfect sense of timing, slammed

into his ass then, as if Greg were offering him the opportunity to stab Danny even deeper, farther

up his hole.

They fucked away at Danny. Both were grunting, groaning, and moaning continuously.

Their cocks jointly pummeled his hole, punished it with their thick girths stretching the sphincter

as wide as it would go.

“I feel you, dude,” Greg moaned to Michael. “I feel your wood up against mine. Fuck my

cock. Fuck it with your dick.”

The tempo of their screwing increased. The ride was getting truly rough for Danny, as he

received the hardest, roughest balling of his life. Nuts slapped against ass and other nuts. Hips

slapped against butt cheeks. Thighs strained against thighs, and through it all, Danny took it. He

moaned at the pain, but he took those massive joysticks, those distended manhoods of his soccer

players, and he kept on riding them.

“I’m going to blow my nuts,” Greg suddenly cried out from underneath. “I’m cumming!”

“Me, too,” grunted Michael. “I’m going to shoot.” As he said this, he fucked Danny’s ass

like a wild man. Greg, too, was raising his hips high, bucking upwards, as if he was attempting to

throw not only Michael off, but Danny, as well. Danny ground his ass down on those cocks,

leaned upward to lick at the sweat dribbling down the cleft of Michael’s firm pecs.

“Ahhhh!” Greg shouted this as he banged up hard into Danny’s ass. A jet of something

warm erupted inside of his asshole, spurted up his rectum.

“Unhhh!” Michael groaned, and then there was another spreading sensation of warmth, as

the youth’s cock erupted inside his ass. Danny felt them repeatedly shoot their loads, as their

pricks stabbed into him, speared his tortured ass, as if they were trying to pierce him up to his

very stomach.

“That’s it,” he crooned to them. “Shoot all that cum into me. Spray that man juice up my

gut, boys. Ride me with those big things. Milk those cocks, dudes.”

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Then, it was over. Greg flopped back onto the bed, breathing heavily, exhausted. Danny

could feel his sweating body underneath him, now relaxed. Michael collapsed on top of him. His

sweating chest pressed heavily against Danny’s own. He, too, was breathing as if he would never

get enough oxygen again.

At last, their penises softening, Michael’s was the first to slip out. He scrambled off Danny

and flopped over on his back on the bed next to them. Then Danny, feeling sorry for Greg who

had borne almost all the weight, sat up. Gingerly, he pulled himself off the boy’s fuck stick.

Then naked, his asshole still dripping white cum, he climbed off the bed.

“I’ve got to go clean up,” he told Bill. “I’ll be back in a bit.” Having said this, he headed for

the bathroom.

Both soccer players lay sprawled on the bed, seemingly exhausted, their naked tanned

bodies glistening with a patina of perspiration. Bill looked at them through the eye of the camera.

It may not have been a very romantic scene, he’d witnessed, but it sure as hell was a sexy one.

He still had a full erection. But he also felt the strong urge to take a piss.

“I’ve got to take a pee,” he told Michael and Greg. “That is, if I can wait long enough for

Danny to get out of there.”

“Why waste it?” Greg said. He raised himself on his elbows to regard Bill.

“What do you mean?”

“Why not film it. This bed has a mattress pad on it, and Danny was going to have to wash

the bedspread anyway, after dripping all that cum out of his ass over it. So why not record

pissing on us?”

“You want me to piss on you?” Bill was incredulous. “You actually want me to urinate on

you two?”

Now Michael sat up. “Yeah, why not? We piss you off enough during practice, so why not

here? It’ll make good footage for the movie.”

Bill was silent a moment, thinking. At last, he said, “I can’t. I can’t be on camera.”

“Sure you can,” Greg said. “The camera will be directly behind you. Just don’t turn your

face to it. All you have to do is stand up here on the bed with your legs spread, and you can piss

on us both and never have your face seen.”

Again, Bill was silent a moment, considering. Then he said, “Fine. Why not. If I don’t go

soon, I’ll piss right here on the carpet.”

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He walked over to the bed, careful to keep his back to the camera. He knelt on the

bedspread, and then crawled up to where the two boys now lay side by side. Already, it looked as

if they were getting hard-ons again.

Kids, Bill thought with amusement. They could get wood at the drop of a hat.

Aloud, he said, “I’ve never done this before.”

The dark-haired Greg smiled up at him. His thin, but strikingly good-looking face looked

relaxed, completely lacking all anxiety, as he said, “Neither have we, but there’s always a first

time. And they say this stuff sells well. So get to it, Coach.”

Bill carefully stood up, afraid of losing his balance on the rocking surface of the bed. He

spread his legs to straddle both youths.


“Ready,” Michael, the blond-haired one, said. Although not as handsome as Greg, he was

still an attractive looking man. “Piss away, Coach.” Make sure to get us all over, okay?”

Bill nodded. Grabbing his still mostly swollen cock, he aimed it at Michael. “You first,” he

told him. “You did piss me off at practice yesterday.” He smiled as he let loose with a thin,

golden stream of pee. It arced out and over Michael, catching him squarely in the chest,

splattering across his cut-looking pecs, wetting the hard-looking nipples. Michael actually

groaned with what sounded like pleasure.

“Now me, Coach,” Greg pleaded “Piss on me, please.”

Bill was obliging. He aimed his dick at Greg and caught him right in the face. The yellow

liquid splashed over him, dripped down his chin. Greg shut his eyes, but opened his mouth to

catch the golden shower, and again, being obliging, Bill aimed right for it. Greg accepted the

fountain of urine without flinching, letting it pour into his open mouth. He swallowed noisily.

“Damn, but that’s a turn on!” Danny said from somewhere behind them. Bill didn’t look

around. He had only so much piss to give, and he wasn’t going to waste it.

Now he grasped his cock like it was the nozzle of a hose, and he sprayed his piss over both

boys, catching them everywhere. Face, necks, chests, stomachs, crotches, thighs, and even their

bare feet, Bill inundated with his urine.

He found he enjoyed doing it. Danny was right. This was a turn-on. Bill was getting fully

hard again, something he had hardly ever done while pissing. This caused the stream of golden

water to come out under more pressure, created a stronger river of piss. Still, he played it over

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the two soccer players. Their hair was wet with his urine, as were their entire bodies. Their naked

skin glistened, gleamed golden with his liquid contribution.

At last, his flow came to a stop. He shook his cock, releasing the last few drops onto them.

“Great!” Danny crowed from somewhere behind them, probably standing near the camera.

“That’ll make a great addition to the movie. Now why don’t you boys go take a break, get

showered off, and maybe have a regular drink?” Here he chuckled. “Then we’ll get ready for the

next scene.”

“What’s that?” Bill asked. He had knelt on all fours and had carefully backed to the edge of

the bed, and then climbed off, without ever once having faced the camera. Now, out of its range,

he regarded the nude Danny. His associate coach had a big hard-on. It wavered back and forth,

from side to side, as he moved to allow Greg and Michael to get by.

“I’m got a good-sized two-headed dildo, and I’m going to make them fuck themselves on

each end of it. That should make for a good show. Then, I’ll have them fuck each other doggy

style. Lots of people like to see the ass-work, watch the cock slide in and out from the rear, so

that should work great.”

“I see,” Bill said, sounding thoughtful. “I also see you have a good piece of wood you’re

sporting there. Didn’t you cum when they were double-fucking you?”

Danny shook his head. “Nah, it takes a little more direct attention than having someone’s

belly rub against it. Although, mind you…”

“Yes, mind you…” Bill said, leaving the rest unspoken, just as Danny had.

“I don’t suppose you’d care to fuck me, would you?” Danny sounded timid, as if afraid to

ask the question. “I notice you’ve got a boner going there, too. You must be horned up. And the

boys won’t be back for twenty minutes or so. We’ll have some privacy.”

“I can’t do it on camera,” Bill warned him.

“I’ll turn it off.” Danny moved to the camera and flipped a switch. “There, no camera.”

He walked to the bed and lay down on it on his back, just lying there on the piss-soaked

bedspread waiting for Bill. He raised his head slightly, and said, “Come on, Coach. Do me!”

Bill walked to the edge of the bed, surveyed the lean young Danny lying there, so naked, so

exposed before him. Danny looked up at him, his blue eyes held a serious expression. “The bed

being wet bother you?” he asked.

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Bill shook his head. “Why should it?” he countered. “It’s my piss you’re lying in.” Then he

laughed. Danny followed suit.

“Okay,” Bill said, after another minute. “Let’s do this. Mission position, all right with


“This time,” Danny said, and smiled.

Bill crawled forward on top of Danny. As he did, Danny bent his legs at the knees, raising

his ass so Bill could have better access. Now the coach took one finger, and without pausing,

stuck it in his mouth to wet it. Then, in one, smooth, but rapid movement, he jammed his

forefinger straight at Danny’s pink pucker. He speared it on the first try, sinking it all the way in.

“Jesus, Bill!” Danny exclaimed. “You could take it a little easier there. I’m a little sore

from those other two.”

“Tough shit,” the coach said, as he fingered the hole, worked his digit around inside it.

“There,” he whispered. “Does that make you a little happier? Your prostate has taken a banging,

but this should make it feel better.”

“Mmmm,” it does,” agreed Danny. He shut his eyes, just laid there with his legs up and

spread wide, as Bill continued to finger his hole for him.

“Okay,” Bill said, after a moment.

Danny still didn’t open his eyes, as Bill moved forward and pushed his cock between his

assistant’s splayed ass cheeks. “Time to see if you’re man enough,” he added, as he shoved the

head of his meat into Danny’s waiting pucker.

“Unh,” Danny grunted at this fresh assault on his ass. “Gently, Bill, please.”

“Screw gently,” the coach muttered. “I’m getting in there now.” He pushed again and the

shaft of his fuck pole forced its way up Danny’s rectum. “Still a tight fit, after all that


Danny grunted, and then through gritted teeth, said, “Glad it makes you happy. Now fuck

me, you big bugger.”

“Oh, I’ll do that all right,” Bill said, and without further ado, he began banging his cock

deep up Danny’s bruised gut. Right from the start, his fucking was hard, heavy, and fast, as he

withdrew until the head of his cock would almost pop out of that ring of sphincter muscle

grasping it, and then he would push his dick in all the way, right to the root of his staff.

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“Feels good in there,” he told Danny. Bill’s face hovered right above his assistant’s. “Feels

real good,” he repeated, huskily.

“You want to kiss me?” Danny asked, knowing he must sound shy.

Bill didn’t answer. He just bent down and pressed his lips to Danny’s, forced his tongue

inside. They ravaged each other’s mouths, tongues doing battle to force their way into each

other. As they did this, they fucked away. Danny would lift his legs higher, as Bill plowed his fat

dong into the tight hole. Danny wrapped his arms around Bill, gripped his straining butt cheeks

with spread fingers, and tried to force him to fuck him harder.

“Fuck me,” he ordered Bill. “Fuck me hard, Coach. Fuck me with your big fat cock. Stick

me good.”

“Oh, baby!” Bill groaned, as he increased his pace, fucked deeper and faster into Danny’s

rectum, felt his rod slide far into the man’s hot, moist, gut.

They fucked faster yet. Bill would raise his hips and slam forward into Danny, rocking the

young man beneath him with the force and power of his rutting. Danny didn’t mind.

“I’m going to fuck your ass off you,” Bill told him at one point, as he rammed his cock,

balls deep into his assistant coach. “Oh, God, but that feels so tight on my dick, so fucking


Bill rose up, grabbed Danny’s feet and lifted his legs high. “Now I got you where I want

you,” he growled, as he hammered Danny’s ass with all his might. “I’m going to shoot a hell of a

load up you.”

“Do it,” Danny encouraged him. “Fuck me with that pig sticker. Shoot in me, Bill, please.”

Now Danny was jerking his cock with his right hand, slamming his fist up and down his

pole. It was dry, lacking any real lube, but this didn’t stop him. Roughly, he fucked himself,

jacking his meat, fucking his own cock with the expert of one who’d done it for years.

“I’m cumming!” moaned Bill. “Oh, man! I’m gonna shoot my wad.”

“Right with you,” Danny said, even as he shot a thin stream of cum high into the air.

It caught bill on the chin. Then another load of sperm geysered up from his prick, spraying in

white droplets all across Bill’s hairy chest, but this didn’t even slow him down as he fucked,

screwed, and reamed out his assistant’s asshole.

“Here I cum!” he shouted. His first jet of spooge rose up his shaft, boiled towards the head.

Then he came, squirting a load of jism deep into Danny’s ass.

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“Oh, shit!” Bill exclaimed as he released another powerful surge of his seed. “Damn!” he

added, as he shot yet another load of sperm into Danny’s belly. Once more, he spermed, and

groaned as he did so.

Then, he collapsed onto the top of Danny. They were belly to belly, smooth chest to hairy

chest, and Danny’s sticky cum covered them, smeared them both. Bill hadn’t withdrawn, was

still hard in Danny’s ass. Now the coach rocked back and forth, just a little, deliberately teasing

the younger man’s hole, that tight puckered knot of muscle that clutched and held his cock so


“You’re a damned good fuck. You know that?” He whispered this into Danny’s ear, for he

rested his head in the hollow of the young man’s neck.

“You liked it?” Danny whispered back.

“I did and a hell of a lot.”

“You want to do it again sometime?”

“I’ll want to do it again sooner than that. In case you hadn’t noticed, my meat’s still hard.”

“Oh, I noticed, all right,” Danny said. “How could I not with that big thing sticking up me.

Say, Coach, would you like to be in this movie? You’d be great in it, give is some variety.”

A moment of silence, and then, “I’d end up losing my job,” Bill said. “Just like you’re

going to lose yours over this, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” Danny said, and then grunted, as he felt his coach push his prick deeper up

into him. Bill was already starting to fuck again. For a man his age, he had stamina. “But I don’t

care. I’m planning to go completely into this Gay porn business. And I could use a partner.”

“Really?” Bill asked as he wiggled his ass a little, causing his dick to move around inside of


“Unh…” Danny grunted, as he felt a wave of pleasure surge through his loins from the

massage Bill’s thick member was giving his prostate. Danny started to get hard now. “Yes,” he

managed to say. “Really.”

“Logistics ain’t so good. I live way across town.” Again, Bill withdrew his cock some,

before thrusting it forward again, pushing it farther up Danny’s rectum.

“You could move in here. You could sell that big house and just stay here. That is, if you

don’t mind sharing a bed.”

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“Wouldn’t bother me,” said Bill, now fucking into Danny with a regular rhythm, which was

starting to make Danny’s eyes roll back in his head again, so damned good it felt.

“You know,” he managed to say between sharp intakes of breath, as Bill banged him. “I

guess I kind of seduced you into all this.”

“The hell you did,” Bill said between grunts, and he started ramming Danny for real. “What

do you think I was doing in that park after dark—just taking a walk? I wanted to get blown and

blow somebody.”

“Truly?” It came out as more of a groan now.

“Truly,” said Bill. “Why do you think Jenny left me? Why do you think I came over here


Now Danny looked up at Bill, as the man paused in his fucking to look down at him.

“You were planning to seduce me?”

The coach gave a little shrug of his shoulders. “Well, I figured if we got drunk enough, you

might fuck me. I had no idea you were into it, were willing to get fucked. I thought you were

basically straight.”

“I thought you were, too.”

“There you go,” Bill said, and then smiled. “And I’ll take you up on that offer. I’ll move in

here, sell the house, and we can use the money from it as capital for your new business. I’m tired

of coaching anyway. Now, lie back and prepare to have your ass reamed out. Once I’m here on a

permanent basis, you’ll be permanently walking funny from the regular fucking I’m going to

give you.”

“We’ll see who walks the funniest,” said Danny. “That works both ways.” Then he gave a

loud groan, as Bill punched his prick deep into his belly. “Says you,” Bill said, and then he

started fucking Danny in earnest.


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